Tais Rantiuk and Pierre Bosdet are continuing their efforts to support those in need due to the awful situation in Ukraine . Over £12,000 has been raised & they are of course still hoping to raise more funds to help those affected by the war in Ukraine.
Donations are being taken to a bank account set up at the Coop and can be made online by direct bank transfer to Mr Pierre N Bosdet, The Co-operative Bank, 08-92-49, 18287158 so that money can be transferred direct to the charity in Brovary, NE Kyiv, Ukraine. Much of the previous aid sent has reached Bucha and surrounding towns & villages, all so badly damaged by the recent occupation. Tais is supporting refugees coming to Chorleywood but is looking for help to support those families once they are here. And a storage facility has been set up for clothes, bedding, & kitchenware, both for despatch to Ukraine and for refugees coming here.  
You can contact Pierre and Tais on 01923 282928 or cafukr@gmail.com

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