Once again we’re extremely disappointed to find out late in the day about a TRDC consultation. A Chorleywood area-wide parking review consultation in 2021 gathered lots of residents’ views. The final design proposals went out for consultation recently, we don’t know when, and the deadline for consultation was set for Friday 21st June, i.e. yesterday!

We wrote to TRDC asking for an extension of the deadline so that you can respond and expressed our disappointment and concern that neither CRA nor CPC were informed of the consultation. TRDC have apologised for this oversight and have extended the deadline by three weeks to 12th July.

In their reply TRDC said “whilst the consultation is open to the general public and any comments received may help to shape the scheme, we are specifically seeking views from people within the proposed scheme areas, as any decision that is taken will be based on these responses.“.  We urge residents on the affected streets to make their views clear by responding to the consultation.

The notice and designs are on the TRDC website here:

Responses (quoting reference 21-2-2b) on the proposed plans are by email to parkingconsultations@threerivers.gov.uk, or in writing to Transport and Parking Projects, Three Rivers District Council, Three Rivers House, Northway, Rickmansworth WD3 1RL

We hope to work with TRDC to improve the notification process for future consultations. Putting notices on lampposts is not sufficient. As a start, TRDC could email us and Chorleywood Parish Council when a consultation is released, so that we can let you know with plenty of time before the deadline!  

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