Every Sunday morning in the football season there are severe traffic & parking problems on Lady Ela Drive, creating chaos for enthusiastic sports players trying to get to the CCYFC football pitches or the Chorleywood Tennis Club.  There just isn’t enough space for all the cars, leading to gridlock and a very dangerous mix of cars, adults, children and dogs.  

  • Tennis players can’t get through to the club, at the far end of Lady Ela Drive.  
  • Football parents can’t get in or out for matches, and turning round after a drop-off is a nightmare.  
  • And an emergency needing an ambulance at tennis or the football doesn’t bear thinking about! 

The clubs have talked to the Parish Council and TRDC, who did a site visit.  Unfortunately it wasn’t in the football season, so there was no problem and therefore no action is planned!  
A solution must be found; car sharing and traffic marshalling are needed asap, and TRDC must recognise that this is an urgent problem needing action to break the logjam and / or increase parking spaces.  

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