It seems that the 103 bus that currently runs from High Wycombe to Watford via Chorleywood and Rickmansworth is being cancelled to exclude service east of Amersham. This means no service from Chorleywood!

HCC have been contacted and initially provided this surprising reply:

“We are investigating a replacement service between Chorleywood and Watford to a similar hourly frequency as the current service. Discussions are ongoing with Arriva to fully-utilise an existing school day working in the area and run this bus throughout the day.  We are expecting costs back this week (June 10th).  Another operator has also expressed an interest in operating the service so we may have a couple of options.

We initially were led to believe that the revised 103 service would terminate at Little Chalfont, thus providing an opportunity to make connections from Herts with the rest of the route.  Unfortunately, the 103 has been completely revised and now terminates in Chesham.”

In breaking news, we have been led to understand that following discussions between HCC and Bucks CC a solution has been found to maintain cross boundary links, albeit reduced.  Once the details are finalised we will provide an update on our website.