Chorleywood Neighbourhood Plan

The elections on 6th May included a referendum on the adoption of the Chorleywood Neighbourhood Plan, which was developed by Chorleywood Parish Council in association with the Chorleywood Residents’ Association and other local organisations.

It was approved with over 3,700 “Yes” votes amounting to nearly 90% of the votes cast.  It now forms part of the Development Plan for Three Rivers District.  This will give residents and the Council another key tool to help prevent unsuitable development in the parish.

The Neighbourhood Plan includes important policies on development around Chorleywood, aiming to protect us from inappropriate or unsustainable development. A Neighbourhood Plan cannot contradict the TRDC Local Plan or national policy, but it can provide significant protections if we as residents vote for them.

The Chorleywood Neighbourhood Plan has policies to:

  • protect Conservation Areas to maintain their character,
  • ensure that new developments fit into the existing street scene,
  • ensure that major new developments provide homes which match the needs of the Chorleywood population,
  • limit the height of new buildings to three storeys in most areas, to fit in with existing buildings,
  • maintain the variety of hospitality and retail premises,
  • ensure that community and leisure facilities are not adversely impacted by development,
  • protect key nature sites in the parish,
  • ensure that residents of new developments can safely access public transport and facilities by foot and bicycle,
  • ensure that new development provides appropriate safety measures in its design,
  • protect heritage assets and other buildings considered of local value.

With government pressure to significantly increase TRDC housing supply, this Neighbourhood Plan is vital to protect Chorleywood and its character. Full details of the Plan are at