New Local Plan

The Local Plan defines the framework for development in the district over a fifteen year period, including the policies that any development must comply with, the designation of sites between categories of use (including Green Belt) and sites for major development over that period.

A new Local Plan is currently being developed for Three Rivers by the District Council. This plan will have to address how the expected housing need for the district over the 15 year period will be delivered. Based on the current standard formula defined by the government, the starting point for the housing need is 9,600 new homes over the 15 year period or 640 new homes each year. This figure can then adjusted to take account of local factors such limitations due to Green Belt land, conservation areas, local wildlife sites and constraints on local infrastructure. At this time, the Council has not yet confirmed that they will be adjusting the standard formula level to take account of these constraints. Without such adjustment being adopted by the council, due to very limited brownfield land, it is likely that considerable areas of Green Belt will need to be converted into land for development. This could result in up to 4,000 new homes being built around Chorleywood.

The association is currently working with other residents’ associations around Three Rivers to convince the Council to adjust the housing need for Green Belt, etc. and therefore prevent the need to build over the beautiful Green Belt around the district.