Planning Applications

No resident should feel they are alone when facing the complexities of the planning system and, as such, the association is available to provide advice and support to all residents with regard to planning applications.

The association undertakes various activities to support residents with regard to planning applications:

  • Issuing a two-weekly email Planning Update to alert Chorleywood residents to new applications, to ensure they have time to respond to TRDC within the deadline.
  • Supporting all Chorleywood residents with expert knowledge about planning laws etc, relating to their own projects or others, whether they are for or against any proposal, of any size.
  • Helping Chorleywood residents to submit valid objections to planning applications and, though this is not often requested, with letters in support too.
  • Offering help to residents in preparing valid planning applications for their projects, if they wish, to minimise their chances of failing on planning grounds.
  • Speaking at Planning Committee meetings to put forward residents’ views with expert knowledge of the planning issues, if requested.

If we can help in any way with regard to a planning application please Contact Us.

Recent Planning Application updates

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