An appeal by Chorleywood4Ukraine Hosting Group

Sadly, war in Ukraine continues, with no end in sight.  Several of our refugee guests are nearing the end of their six months’ stay.  Some hosts are able to extend their hospitality, but for others circumstances make that impossible.  Private rented accommodation poses various hurdles (deposit, guarantor, sufficient income etc) and many families are now tied to Chorleywood because of schools, preventing them looking in cheaper areas.  

(Photo of the weekly language cafe at the Junction)

Please consider hosting a refugee for six months (you can specify whether you’d prefer a single adult or family group, and how old any children could be).  Hosting is now much less onerous than initially: guests’ admin is complete, they know the area, have made friends and most have reasonable English. Hosts find them helpful and pleasant to have around: some provide welcome company for people living alone, others cook for their hosts, and some are sharing dog walking duties. The government pays hosts £350 a month – a welcome contribution to increased energy bills – and local WhatsApp groups support hosts and refugees. 

To learn more, without commitment at this stage, please contact Alison Rubens (07503 159800 / as soon as possible.