Chorleywood Aid for Ukraine continues to send your donations of bedding and clothing to our friends in Brovary, near Kyiv. Our third one ton shipment was delivered to Tunbridge Wells on 2nd September. Our colleagues at Kent Relief will consolidate it with other aid awaiting the next Ukrainian articulated lorry to transport to their Lviv hub. Between us we arrange onward shipment across Ukraine, sharing with other charities where sensible.
Our local Ukrainian packing ladies continue to do magnificent work. They inspect and pack around half a ton at a time into 50 bags, in about four hours at our local storage facility. In October we plan to initiate another shipment!
We make our logistics operation as cost-effective as we can, but we need funds for the shipments and the purchase of urgent supplies in Ukraine itself. We continue to support orphans, displaced families and others affected by the conflict.
Details are on our website – 

Thank you for your support.