It’s apple harvest time for the Chorleywood Community Orchard (a registered local charity). The Chorleywood Cider Club raises money to help maintain the orchard through the sale of cider. To do this, every year volunteer club members make a grand tour of orchards in Chorleywood and surrounds, armed with fruit picking poles. This year’s harvest is limited, so we’re not going to get enough! 

Do you have cookers, eaters, or crab apples with brown pips (i.e. they are ripe) you are willing to donate for free? If so, please let us know using this Apple Tree Locations form.

Will we simply come and pick your apples for you? NO! We can’t process more than 2000 Kg total (we don’t have either the people or enough equipment) and we visit on a first-come-first-served basis, so all our existing apple-producing trees get preference  —  but we’d like to talk to you!