Our bees are in trouble.  Their numbers are tumbling.  So are the flowers on which they feed.  Without them to pollinate our crops our food supply is also threatened.

If you do spot a swarm of bees (not wasps) then please call the bee keeper on Whitelands Avenue on 07831 407746 to let him know so that we can help protect this essential species.

Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust (HMWT) is campaigning to support our amazing bees.  For a free Wild Bee Action Pack click here.  There is particular information about plants on page 6.

There is a more information on wildlife gardening here

Avoid pesticide use wherever possible, and never use on plants when they are in flower. For a list of recommended nectar and pollen-rich plants have a look at the RHS Perfect for Pollinators lists.
To join HMWT just email  info@hmwt.org or contact 01727 858 901.