At the 2022 AGM on 18th May under item 7 of the agenda, a proposal will be made to change the rules of the association and put to a vote.

You can read the proposed revised rules here and a summary of the proposed changes is shown below.

Proposed CRA Rules changes at the May 18th 2022 AGM

Following a review of the CRA Rules the Executive Committee proposes the following changes to update them:

1. Self-explanatory Rule changes, affected clause numbers in (brackets)

  • Clarified that residents can vote at CRA AGMs (2)
  • “Chairman” has become “Chair” (6, and many following clauses)
  • Abbreviation “EC” expanded (7e) to “Executive Committee”

2. Officer role of Vice-Chairman has been removed (6)

This is not to say there cannot be a Vice-Chair, rather it is to remove the mandatory requirement for a Vice-Chair, as implied by the current wording.

3. Maximum Executive Committee size now consistent at 16 (7,8)

The previous wording of these clauses contradicted each other in terms of the overall Executive Committee size.

4. Role of President for Life (10) removed

This role, if filled, could create a CRA President who remains in post for a very long time (eg decades).  The Executive Committee feels that this is not appropriate in modern governance good practice.

5. Resident Representatives (11) removed due to role change

Originally membership of Chorleywood Residents’ Association was by paid membership, and our network of Road representatives did sterling work in the difficult task of collecting CRA’s annual subscriptions.  In 2016 the then Executive Committee decided that all Chorleywood residents should be CRA members automatically, with no membership subscription.  Instead CRA would rely on donations and the CRA 100 Club for its funding.

This change was welcomed by all; Chorleywood residents, the Committee, and the road representatives alike.  During 2020, a temporary network of volunteers was recruited by the Chorleywood Covid Support Group (CCSG) to support vulnerable residents and families through the pandemic.  They did a wonderful job.  As lockdowns were lifted, CCSG decided that this high level of pan-Chorleywood support was no longer needed.

The CRA Executive, Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) and CCSG discussed the merging of these three volunteer networks. As a result, many CRA Road Reps and CCSG volunteers became (or were already) Road Representatives for NHW.

We are therefore very grateful to NHW for now operating a single, co-ordinated network for the benefit of Chorleywood.  Our huge thanks go to all our Road Reps, and both NHW and CCSG, for all their fantastic work in past years.

30th April 2022

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