Following on from a consultation last year, there are changes to the Highway Code effective from 29th January 2022 that affect driver priority, pedestrian and cyclist right of way, mobile phone use behind the wheel and broader use of fines for poor or dangerous driving.

  • 8 new rules introduced as well as 49 updates to existing rules.
  • New Hierarchy of Road Users.
  • More responsibility put on the drivers of larger vehicles.
  • Pedestrians given higher priority.

Full details of the changes can be seen on the website here and by the time you are reading this an updated version of the Highway Code will hopefully be available at 

A number of organisations have provided explanations of the changes including Which.  Click here to read this.

Graphic above shows how the Highway Code will change in relation to drivers and cyclists.  Reproduced from the Daily Mail Online.  See Highway Code overhaul that tells cyclists to pedal in the middle of the road takes effect in DAYS | Daily Mail Online