We’re still expecting a 2nd consultation on a 20mph area covering Chorleywood village roads except the faster ones (Shire Lane, Blacketts Wood Drive, Chalfont Lane, Green Street, Carpenters Wood Drive, St Peter’s Way and the far end of Whitelands Avenue).  

We were surprised by the LibDem Winter Newsletter’s claim that “50 accidents on our roads have been reported to the police in recent years”.  We wrote and asked them for details, and raised a Freedom of Information request with Herts County Council. The only official count of reports to the police covers injury accidents, other incidents might be reported for insurance claims, but there is no official count of them.  HCC replied that there were 6 such accidents on the specified roads in 2016 to 2021 inclusive, but mistakenly included one at the far end of Whitelands Avenue, which isn’t in the 20mph proposal.  So that makes 5 injury accidents in 2016-2021, all of which were rated by the police as “Slight” and, importantly, not speed-related. 

We cross-checked HCC’s reply with the police and https://www.crashmap.co.uk, which uses only official data published by the Department for Transport based on police records. Both checks support HCC’s answer of 5 injury accidents, though as you can see there were many more injury accidents on the M25 and A404 in Chorleywood.  

We’ve written again to our LibDem councillors, asking for verifiable source data on their extra 45 accidents.  No-one can usefully speculate on the number of incidents which are not counted by the police, it is unknowable.

HCC’s FoI reply to us is here, the Crashmap data for 2016-2021 here , and our summary of points to consider re the Chorleywood 20mph proposal here.

Important note: We strongly support the need for focused and effective action to reduce speeds in Chorleywood Bottom and Stag Lane by Chorleywood Primary School. We’re delighted to hear from LibDem councillors that a zebra crossing is in plan for Stag Lane. We’ve also suggested what we believe is a more effective and focused solution for Chorleywood Bottom.