Welcome to our April 2021 newsletter.  You may notice it looks a bit different from previous newsletters, we hope you like the new style.  A year ago we realised we must update our website; the old technology was getting progressively harder to update and maintain.  We took the opportunity to review and update our branding at the same time.  With the generous help of a graphic designer who knows Chorleywood, we updated our logo and key design features.  We’re rolling out the new design across all our communications and documentation.  

The whole CRA team has been involved, but I must make special mention of Mike Stansfield.  What may look like simple changes required a huge amount of work to implement safely and successfully, without losing precious information and history along the way.  We’ve migrated and updated all relevant content from the old website, and now it’s much easier for you to use and for us to maintain.  We can also safely accept any donations by PayPal, as a fast and convenient option for both residents and CRA.

Mike has worked unstintingly on this long, detailed, and intense project. We are all extremely grateful. Chorleywood is lucky to have volunteers like Mike, and the rest of the CRA executive team, who freely offer their time and skills to help make Chorleywood “as good as we can”. 

Jane Tozer, CRA Chair