Chorleywood Bookshop’s “Boutique Book Club”

The Chorleywood Bookshop has announced the launch of their ‘Boutique Book Club’. They will be hosting a series of exclusive author events, showcasing the best in new fiction. Taking place on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, each Book Club event will be held after-hours in the Chorleywood Bookshop.

The first Book Club is on Tuesday 15th February, where Sam Lloyd will be chatting about his new thriller ‘The Rising Tide’.

Unlike traditional book clubs, you don’t have to read the book prior to club night, though of course you are always welcome to pop in and buy one in advance of the evening.  

Lords’ Post Office counter temporary closure

You might have noticed that the Post Office counter in Lords has been temporarily shut recently.  This was due to a family bereavement.  

We have just been informed that Kaye will be returning on Monday 31st January and the Post Office will be back open.

A new business in Chorleywood

You may have noticed that Sewell & Gardner have closed their Chorleywood branch, and are now serving this area from the Rickmansworth branch.  Kate Woodward worked there for many years, and has decided to set up her own Chorleywood estate agency because she knows and loves our area.  She will be setting up as Kate Woodward powered by eXp UK within the next few weeks.  

We wish Kate and all Chorleywood businesses well.  We are delighted to see another new business opening in Chorleywood.