Many residents have told us of sewage smells in Chorleywood, especially in Quickley Lane, Capell Way, Hillside Road and Lower Road. Some people’s homes are seriously affected, and some have suffered for many weeks if not months.  We know that Thames Water has been looking into the problem – but it stubbornly continues.  Indeed, members of the CRA executive committee were assaulted by the miasma as we left our meeting in Quickley Lane this week!


Update October 2021

First, a big thank-you to everyone who responded to our recent survey seeking information about the locality of Chorleywood’s Great Stink and its effect on you and your health.

Secondly, thank-you to Gagan Mohindra, our local MP, and Phil Williams, our County Councillor, both of whom were actively pursuing the issue with the Chief Executive of Thames Water.

Finally, Thames Water tell us they are aware of the odour and are trying to locate the source. Work is ongoing and long nose monitors have been installed in order to detect any septicity.   They’d like residents to report the place, date and time of any unpleasant odours to Maisie Banks, Customer Relations Rep, who will collate the reports and pass them on to the engineers to help track the problem. Please contact Maisie at or 07747 641235.

In the meantime, we’re pleased to hear the foul smells seem to have more or less gone.