Our work continues apace into the new year. We are aware of the following issues coming up in Chorleywood this year, no doubt more will arise along the way!
Making Chorleywood more attractive:

  • Working with Chorleywood Parish Council and TRDC to revamp the Parade beds. We’ve been working on this for several years, and helped CPC via TRDC to secure a £25k government grant!


  • Pressing TRDC to set a housing target based on local need, to save Green Belt and protect the much-loved character of our village while delivering affordable housing at the right level in the right places
  • Pressing the government to allow local councils to set their own housing targets. We’re promised an early 2023 meeting with Michael Gove MP (Secretary of State for Levelling up, Housing & Communities ) to discuss this
  • Sending you twice-monthly Planning Updates on new planning applications, in time for you to comment if you wish
  • Helping Chorleywood residents with their own planning applications, or other applications that concern you

Alerting you to new consultations which affect Chorleywood, so that you can respond in time, including:

  • A new Reg18 consultation on additional sites put forward for the Local Plan (none are in Chorleywood).
  • Another Reg18 consultation later in 2023, covering all the sites TRDC proposes for the new Local Plan. This will be residents’ last chance to influence what goes forward to the Planning Inspectorate before a new Local Plan is adopted
  • A consultation on new cycle paths in Three Rivers
  • A consultation later in 2023 on parking throughout Chorleywood, following December’s one on Grovewood Close, Greenbury Close and Bullsland Lane

Keeping you informed with:

  • Our monthly newsletter with the latest news and events in Chorleywood
  • Our twice-yearly magazine The Chorleywood Resident
  • Updates about Chorleywood and CRA on Facebook and Twitter

Local events:

  • Meeting you at our Community Meeting and AGM on May 10th
  • Running our stall Village Day on the Common
  • Organising Litter Picks on the Common 
  • And supporting other Chorleywood events such as the Christmas Fair! 

All of our work is free to all Chorleywood residents, driven by our belief that …

How to support CRA and Chorleywood

If you’d like to support CRA please join our 100 Club: 

  • Each month we draw three prizes of £10 each, and a bumper prize of £50 (or £100 in May and December!)  
  • It’s only £2.50 per month per ticket, and the odds of a prize are good – just click here if you’d like to join

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