(Computer generated image of the new pavilion and café)

Many of you will have noticed that the Cricket Club development didn’t start in March as hoped.  Apparently there is one issue outstanding which hopefully will be resolved soon, allowing this wonderful new facility for our village to progress.

 The new Cricket Club’s improved facilities will mean that it can accommodate more disabled cricketers and support more girls playing cricket, very much in line with Sport England’s objectives.   The community café will be able to provide welcome refreshments for those visiting the common as well as the use of their conveniences, (when the cafe is open), something which has been missing from the Common for many years.  Mission Employable who are behind the café, aim to train up to 25 people with learning difficulties each year, enabling them to go on elsewhere with new transferable skills, to find further employment.

I’m sure we all hope the final I’s and T’s can be dotted and crossed soon and this long awaited project can break ground.