Developers for the site east of Green Street have announced that they intend to submit new applications to develop housing on the site. Two alternative applications will be submitted:

  • An application for up to 300 homes in the lower part of the site, or
  • An application for up to 700 homes, with land set aside in the upper (north-western) part of the site for a new primary school.

The developers have provided a website with further detail on the applications – Residents can provide feedback to the developer on this site but this feedback will not form part of the TRDC Planning Department consideration of the applications.

At first view, other than the inclusion of land for a new primary school in the larger application, these applications seem very similar to the previous ones.

The applicants have said that the applications will be submitted soon but it may take TRDC some time to validate them before they are publicly available. Once the applications are available on the TRDC Planning Portal, we will undertake a full analysis of them and communicate this to residents.