Bullsland lower Heritage Orchard is about 21 acres of ancient cherry and plum trees, planted 80 to 100 years ago. Some cherry trees are living and flowering, some dead. Most of the plum trees have been replaced by vigorous suckers growing on the rootstock, producing extensive scrub. 

There has been no management for many years, and nature has provided roe and muntjac deer, badgers, anthills, and self-sown oaks. It is like Sleeping Beauty’s orchard, awaiting a prince!

Creative planning is needed to revitalise this old orchard into a beautiful resource for the community. Old trees and scrub will be gradually reduced, and replaced by a wide range of young fruit trees, combined with native woodland and wildflowers. A pond, paths and benches are also being planned. 

Join a Guided Walk down Bullsland Lane and round the orchard on Sunday 30th October at 3pm, or Saturday 5th November at 10am. Go past the sheep fields, and meet at the gate on the left, into the orchard. 

For further details, or to let me know you coming, text Janet on 07954 309956