The tragic situation in Ukraine is having an enormous impact as we know. Tais, who works in Andrew Fleming’s Florist, is Ukrainian with family in Kyiv, including her father, sister and brothers.  This has brought it very close to home.  Pierre Bosdet at PCFixup started off by rallying our local businesses to raise funds and support. As news has spread local people have also been contributing and dropping into the Florist with their own donations. Over £4,000 in cash has already been collected to fund medical supplies as well as other much needed supplies. Though clothes and supplies were gratefully received, it’s growing increasingly more difficult to get lorries to go out there.  

They have now asked for cash donations only, please, so they can buy what is urgently needed. On Sunday they spent £1,000 in Costco on nappies, baby food and medicines all of which has already left for Ukraine. Additional funds are being wired over on a regular basis, to be used in the best way possible.

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This is of course on top of the other ways to support Ukraine such as the

As well as a number of other established organisations here in the UK.