An issue around applications for alcohol and music licences has recently come to light. When consulting on Licence applications, TRDC do not advise neighbouring properties about consultations on the applications. Instead, they follow the minimum notification requirements from the Licensing Act – posting a sign on the door of the property to which the licence applies and placing a notice in the Watford Observer. This has recently resulted in neighbours to a property which has applied to open until 1am, including playing live music and selling alcohol, having no realistic chance to comment on the application. Fortunately, the Parish Council commented on the application and will ensure that residents views on the application are presented to the TRDC Committee that will consider it.

We have looked at whether there is any way in which the CRA can notify residents about Licence applications in a timely manner by adding them to the regular Planning Updates. Unfortunately, this information is not readily available on the TRDC or any other public websites. We are speaking to TRDC to try and improve the availability of information on such applications to residents.