Three Rivers District Council has recently decided to extend the timetable for the development of the new Local Plan by two years until 2025 to allow developers to put forward more sites so that the council can deliver its stated target of 12,000 new homes in the district, more than double the demonstrable true need.

This delay leaves the district open to further speculative development applications like that proposed for Green Steet for longer and may encourage developers to apply to develop now rather than wait for the Local Plan process to complete.

The Association strongly objects to this delay and argues that the council should be moving forward with a Plan on the previous timescales but with lower housing numbers that can be proven to meet the true local housing need whilst also protecting our vital Green Belt. The Housing Minister has already written to the council leader saying that the council can go ahead with lower numbers to protect Green Belt if it wishes, so why does the council insist on following its current destructive course?

You have a chance to make your views heard at the Local Area Forum on 2nd March.