We hope the blooming of all the Spring bulbs in the village has brought a little cheer especially on these chilly days. With the help of Sadie, Deborah and Claire, we planted over 800 bulbs last Autumn!!

A lot of work which has brought great joy, but also some despair. How can people think it’s acceptable to walk across flower beds, tread on flowers and leave their bicycles on the flower beds? Sadly, even adults are included in this group; there are bicycle racks all around the village, there is no excuse! We have lost nearly 30 lavender plants through such thoughtless behaviour.

We never planned to fence in the flower beds, but are now looking to install knee-high rail diamond fencing to protect the beds and allow them to flourish.  There are still some funds left in our EU High Street Recovery grant, so this will not be at the expense of residents.

With the Spring growth come the weeds! If anyone would like to help with our weeding parties, please email lisa@chorleywoodresidents.co.uk.