On May 5th there will be elections for Parish Councillors in the Quickwood ward (1 councillor) and Chorleywood South ward (7 councillors). The Parish Council forms an important layer of local government whose responsibilities include: 

  • Acting as trustees for the Common, including maintaining the space and running events on it, including Village Day.
  • Providing a strong local voice over planning matters with the right to speak at District Planning Committee meetings on applications affecting the Parish.
  • Developing and maintaining the Neighbourhood Development Plan for the Parish and making representations as a Statutory Consultee on the emerging District Local Plan.
  • Providing funding for two local Police Community Support Officers
  • Owning and maintaining the local Lawn Cemetery and the village halls.

We have learnt over the years, that the strongest possible Parish Council is vital for the benefit of Chorleywood.  The candidates for the wards are:   

Raj KHIROYA *                        Liberal Democrats
Mike SIMS                               Conservative Party
Martin WALDRON                   Labour Party

Chorleywood South
Anna Helen AL-DAMLUJI        Conservative Party
Ash BHARDWAJ                      Liberal Democrats
Jack BIEL                                 Liberal Democrats
Jon BISHOP *                          Independent
Harry DAVIES                          Liberal Democrats
Janet DAVIES                          Liberal Democrats
Philip HEARN                          Conservative Party
Frank MAHON-DALY               Liberal Democrats
Debbie ROSARIO *                  Liberal Democrats
Stephen John WATKINS *       Liberal Democrats

Candidates above marked with an asterisk were councillors in the last year and, for those interested, details on their activities for the council can be found on pages 13, 15, 16, 19 and 20 in the Council Annual Report available here.