Thames Water (TW) confirm that a major project is underway to reduce rainwater ingress into the Chesham Sewage Treatment Works.  Ingress is a major cause of the sewage discharges into our River Chess. There are already some signs that the inflow is reducing; a formal assessment will take place when repairs are complete, expected in September 2022.

Between October and December 2021 there were 3 ‘wet weather events’ (ie heavy rainfall!) but only 1 ‘untreated discharge event’, which is an improvement over previous performance. The project result will decide if Chesham needs a new storm tank, or if the £1.5m cost would be better spent elsewhere. The project work is staged, to understand what leads to improvements, and to inform other projects.  

Importantly, TW repeat that no dividends are going to external shareholders at present – funds are channelled instead into infrastructure repair.  

A TW report on water quality work as part of the Smarter Water Catchments is due out this spring, and a Drain Water Management Plan for the next 25 years will come out for consultation this summer.