Consultation letters have just gone out, asking if Chorleywood residents want a 20mph speed limit in most of Chorleywood.

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Why individually we’re voting NO to the blanket 20mph limit area:

  • It doesn’t work. Dept of Transport research shows that 20mph signs on their own only reduce median speeds by ~1mph.
  • The measured average speed on the roads included, over 1 week, was at most 25.5mph (on 2 roads) with most roads well under 24mph. 
  • Huge expense and upheaval to put in ~40 extra speed limit signs, plus smaller repeater signs, nearly all of which would then be taken out if Phase 2 happens. 
  • There’s no guarantee that phase 2 will happen, and there’s no reason why we can’t have targeted measures without either of these phases.

What we do support:

  • Targeted, effective and well thought-through measures in hot spots. 
  • In Chorleywood Bottom – elderly people crossing signs and speed-activated flashing slow down signs, which research shows reduce injury accidents by -30%. 
  • Stag Lane – a zebra crossing which HCC have promised separately from the blanket 20mph limit area. 
  • Our money being spent carefully, to find effective solutions, without turning Chorleywood into a road signs jungle. 

That’s why our committee members are individually voting NO to the proposal, while adding our suggestions for safer solutions.
(Full details and the source data for these and other points to consider are here in our Points to Consider summary.)

Remember, with or without a letter everyone can respond to the survey, and every vote counts. Abstentions don’t count either way.  And your comments count! The survey asks for comments, which will be considered and can change the outcome.   
Respond to the survey whether you support the proposal or not and provide relevant comments by 3rd June 2022

  • Write to Terry Curtis, Postal Point (CHO242), First Floor, East Link Corridor, County Hall, Pegs Lane, Hertford, Herts, SG13 8DN
  • Email to

Clearly state the reference TR00122 at the top.

General enquiries relating to the proposals should be referred to the Highways Engineer concerned – Graham Taylor telephone 07503 941717 or