Count your plastic for one week – 11th  to 17th March 2024.

For one week in March, thousands of schools, households, community groups and businesses will be coming together to count their plastic waste (what we can recycle and what goes into household waste) .Almost a quarter of a million people took part in The Big Plastic Count in 2022. The count showed that almost two billion pieces of plastic packaging are being thrown away a week.

The count is not to make you feel bad about the amount of plastic you use! Too much single-use plastic is produced and there aren’t reusable alternatives that suit everyone’s needs.

By counting all the plastic you throw away for a week, you can help gather the vital evidence we need to convince UK ministers, supermarkets and big brands to lead the way at global talks that could finally phase out plastic production for good.

Right now, world leaders are negotiating The Global Plastics Treaty; an international legal agreement to prevent the harmful impacts of plastic. This United Nations Treaty is a once-in-a-generation chance to protect our planet from plastic pollution. Will you count??

Please follow the link to sign up!! How to take part | The Big Plastic Count