In Chorleywood, I think many of us would agree that our beautiful Common has been one of the saving grace’s of Covid. Our very own 200 acre Local Nature Reserve and Conservation Area with its rich biodiversity, expertly managed by Chorleywood Parish Council (CPC), is enjoyed by hundreds every day.  It’s therefore a great shame that it’s not always treated with the respect it deserves.

With the rapid rise in dog ownership, and with walking one of the few permitted forms of outdoor exercise during the lockdowns, it’s been heartening to see the Common bring joy to so many, but deeply disappointing to see the lack of respect shown by a mindless few.  The increased litter and dog waste have sadly been evident for all to see. CPC spend £10,000 a year on clearing away the dog waste, and clear over 80 sacks of litter/recycling/waste from the Common every week, which include 14 sacks of dropped litter! They provide dog waste bags, available in their office reception area; have provided 15 red dog waste bins and have increased the number of litter bins. It’s actually illegal not to pick up and dispose of dog waste rightfully, punishable with fines up to £1,000.

On behalf of all residents, we ask everyone to please take their litter home, to pick up after their dogs and dispose of waste responsibly. This does not mean tying it to trees/fences or leaving it in bags on the ground, it means putting it in one of the appropriate bins or taking it home with you.

Lisa Stewart, CRA