Following the Three Rivers Joint Residents’ Associations (TRJRA) meeting with Housing Minister Stuart Andrew and our local MPs Gagan Mohindra and Dean Russell, the TRJRA suggests all residents challenge their local election candidates about their position on protecting our Green Belt.  For details see here

Three Rivers District Council elections are on May 5th, The list of candidates for the upcoming District Council elections can be found at

CRA has, in combination with other Residents Associations in Three Rivers, pressed the council to submit a new Plan with lower housing numbers, which will deliver enough housing for local need whilst protecting our Green Belt.  
Both the NPPF and consecutive Housing Ministers are clear that this is acceptable, and other councils such Elmbridge in Surrey are taking this approach.  Instead, TRDC have delayed the Local Plan to look for additional sites to deliver more houses.  This could mean additional sites in Chorleywood.  TRDC refer to the Planning Inspectors’ challenges to Welwyn and Hatfield Council’s Local Plans.  However, due to timing differences, that council is working under a different set of rules, so it is not a relevant comparison.
If the threat to our village and the surrounding Green Belt is an issue that concerns you, press your candidates for real-life details of how they will protect it.  Challenge them to stand up for Chorleywood, and only support a Local Plan with lower new housing numbers.