Here is an update on our news item on the tragic situation in Ukraine.

We previously reported that Tais, who is Ukrainian and works in Andrew Flemings Florist, with help from Pierre Bosdet at PCFixup, was rallying local support for funds and supplies. They are still collecting donations but also medicines, bandages, first aid and children’s medicines (but no clothes) which are planned to be transported to Ukraine within the next week. Tais wishes to thank all those local residents for their generosity.

Tais, with her Ukraine contacts is also keeping a list of those able to offer accommodation, although they will also need to have registered that on the Government website. They are also looking to set up a local charity which would help to formalise the arrangements and assist with the various legal and other obligations.

Please email or call 01923 282928
This is of course on top of the other ways to support Ukraine including:

As well as a number of other established organisations here in the UK.