Tim Venner (Secretary) writes …

“Now that outdoor working parties have resumed we are making up for lost time, and visitors to the Estate will see the benefit. From the A404 you now have an inviting view across the parkland. The jungle that was there before has been cleared, grass seed sown and the area is lovingly mown by Rab from TRDC Grounds Maintenance.  The Sunken garden is very colourful at the moment, with the white hydrangeas at their best.  We are hoping to see the wildflowers that we sowed on the south-facing slope succeed.  Parking by the Lawn Cemetery has been improved by TRDC, with a new area of “grass-crete”  installed.  
We are experiencing problems with the River Chess – several times this year the river has overflowed and flooded the picnic area.  This is partly due to fallen branches impeding the flow but mainly due to Thames Water suddenly releasing large volumes of water, recently the river rose 10 cm in less than 30 minutes!  [See the article on sewage discharges above]. 
Anyhow, please don’t let it stop you enjoying the Estate.”