We’re hoping to elect two new members to our Executive Committee at our AGM on May 18th.  

Would you like to be one of them?  

We meet once a month for a couple of hours, with extra time according to your availability and choice.  

We want:

  • a member to replace Mike Wileman, who is sadly (for us) moving to Kent in March.  Mark provides publicity material for our events such as the Village Day, Christmas Fair, and our AGM.  He also refreshes our notice boards in the village and at the station, and is our liaison with Chorleywood Neighbourhood Watch, making sure we work together to welcome new residents to Chorleywood with a helpful Welcome Pack from both organisations.
  • a member to lead our activities on sustainability and climate change.  We’d like to help residents with regular information on local sustainability initiatives, ideas that you can implement here and now, and volunteering opportunities for those who want to help with local sustainability activities.

Please join us, have fun and help to make a real difference to Chorleywood!