Did you know that is takes 450 – 500 YEARS for the “polypropylene” filters in disposable masks to decompose? To put this into perspective, that is almost THREE TIMES the age of CANADA as a self-governing nation!!!  Shocking!

Our first Climate Change and Sustainability scheme will be the ongoing recycling of disposable protective face masks such as dust masks, FFP2 (or so-called “N95”), FFP3 and surgical masks, face shields, visors and disposable vinyl, nitrile and latex gloves

There will be a blue bin by the TRDC notice board by the library. Please put your masks and gloves in the bin. Do NOT include Fabric, homemade or paper masks or other types of protective garments.

Many thanks to the Keech Hospice Care Charity Shop and Chiltern Physiotherapy for keeping their masks and gloves to be recycled. A whole bag between the two of them!

If you feel your business is able to collect your gloves and or client’s masks, PLEASE email rhonda@chorleywoodresidents.co.uk and they will be collected.