Extract from The Energy Saving Trust (www.energysavingtrust.org.uk) August 2019.

In the UK, it’s easy to take for granted that water will flow out of the tap when you turn it on, now and into the future. But are things really that simple?

There’s a blunt phrase commonly used in the water industry: the jaws of death. Essentially, it means the point where rising demand for water and falling supply meet i.e. there is not enough water to supply our needs. Timing-wise, this could be 20-25 years from now – but clearly, this is something that needs to be prevented.

Water waste at home

The average home uses 330 litres of water a day, so if many households across the country make small changes it can make a big difference. There’s plenty of water-saving actions that can be taken at little or no expense – and the savings can be considerable.

What can you do to save water?

Replacing just a single bath a week with a five-minute shower can save up to £20 on energy bills and £25 on water bills if you’ve got a water meter, while using a bowl to wash your plates and cutlery twice a day instead of keeping the tap running can cut your annual gas bill by £25 and your metered water costs by £30.

The quantity of water potentially saved through small changes is also worthy of note: leaving taps running while brushing teeth or shaving sees six litres of water a minute go down the drain, while dripping taps waste well over 5,000 litres a year, for the sake of properly turning them off or replacing a washer.

Affinity Water customers can request a free Save-a-Flush water saver, water-saving shower heads, water widgets, tap aerators and swell gel for gardeners. Anglian Water offer free water saving visit at which they will fit any appropriate water-saving devices, such as showerheads, dual-flush converter for your toilet, shower timers and tap inserts. You have to book an appointment to have them fitted.

Why we should all be saving water

Water is a precious resource – there is not alternative! Climate change, and the more extreme weather that comes with it, means that water supply is becoming more unpredictable.

Increased frequency of drought across Europe lines up with climate projections. Water is an international issue, but the UK’s reputation for a rainy climate distracts from how the relationship between rainfall and the water available to us really works.

Water companies capture much less rain for our use than people realise, with parts of the UK already subject to water stress. In fact, 12 out of the 23 water companies operating in areas of England are rated as being under ‘serious’ stress.

To make matters more urgent, UK water demand is set to rise in the next few years, so it’s getting even more important to make the most of what we have. THINK BEFORE you turn of the taps, run a 50% full dishwasher or wash your favourite top on its own in the washing machine!

Consider a Water Meter. If you do not have a water meter and have only 2 people in residence, it is likely a water meter can save you money. Try this calculator to see  www.ccwater.org.uk/watermetercalculator/