Here you can view digital copies of original documents detailing the organisation for the Chenies’ Estate Coronation Celebrations on 2nd June 1953.

To find out more about the organisation of the event, you can view the minutes from the meetings of the sub-committee of the Chenies’ Estate Residents Association.

Through a number of fund raising activities £144-11-2 was raised, leading to a surplus after expenditure of £11-12-3 which was used to plant a tree at the Russell School in commemoration of the coronation.

You can also read that the committee arranged for a TV projector so that the community could view the corronation together.  The price back then was £52.10.0 for hiring what is described a wall projector.

Overall it sounds like the event was a great success.

(Our thanks to Chris Evans, the final Secretary for Chenies Estate Residents Association, who provided the documents for digitising.)