About our Newsletter

This page is for anyone who would like to provide content to CRA for possible inclusion in future newsletters.

The CRA newsletter is emailed to subscribers usually towards the end of each month.  It provides updates on the activities of the Association on behalf of Chorleywood Residents, as well as a range news items and information about local events.

How to send us an article

  1. Refer to the timetable below which shows the key dates for the newsletter each month
  2. Prepare your article in accordance with the guidelines below
  3. Email to emailnews@chorleywoodresidents.co.uk before 5pm on the deadline for content

No guarantee can be given for inclusion of an article.  Sending it ‘last minute’ makes it less likely that it will be included, so please prepare and send sooner rather than later.

For any questions, please use the Contact Us page and select the Newsletter topic.


If you would like to send us an article for inclusion in our newsletter, then please follow this guidance:


  • Provide a descriptive title for the article.
  • The title should be kept to 45 characters or less.


  • Send the text in the body of the email or as a Word attachment.  Not as a PDF file.
  • The text should be a maximum of 150 words.
  • The newsletter will be sent by CRA, so avoid using “I” or “We” in the wording.
  • Make sure that you provide contact information if appropriate.


  • Provide a single image in a standard image format to accompany the article.
  • Images should be less than 1MB in size.
  • Images must not be copyrighted or otherwise restricted in usage.
  • Where individuals, particularly children, are identifiable in an image then their permission for its use in the newsletter must have been obtained and recorded by you.


  • Provide links (URLs) to content that you wish to reference, e.g. to your own website.
  • Make sure that links are not copied from another email newsletter as this can often contain tracking information.  Copy the link direct from the actual website that you want to reference.
  • Our email newsletter does not support attachments.


  • The CRA newsletter is not intended for a business to advertise their activities other than in limited circumstances (see below).  Consider instead placing an advert in The Chorleywood Resident our printed magazine delivered to all residents in Chorleywood twice each year.
  • We may agree to include a news item about a business, e.g. when there is a charitable undertaking, or a newly opened business that will be of benefit to Chorleywood Residents
  • We aim to avoid repeating articles and topics in multiple editions unless there is something new to say
  • Although we will endeavour to provide by return a final draft of articles before the newsletter is issued, this cannot be guaranteed
  • In all cases the decision to include or exclude an article, and any edits to it, are solely made by CRA


Emailing a PDF copy of an article for consideration in the newsletter is not suitable and will be rejected.  This is because the newsletter does not use attachments, and extracting content from a PDF to include in the newsletter takes extra time.  Please instead send as an image + text.


    Please use standard formats such as GIF, JPG, PNG for your image.

    In most cases we will use a small version of the image to accompany the article so the dimensions are not critical.

    See our previous newsletters for examples showing how we use images.


    These dates are for guidance and may be changed.