In the summer of 2021, Hertfordshire County Council asked residents if they wanted 20mph limits on most Chorleywood roads, except the faster ones such as Shire Lane, Blacketts Wood Drive and Green Street.

We have just heard the result of the consultation – Chorleywood residents rejected the scheme, but residents clearly supported a 20mph limit on the key trouble spots: Chorleywood Bottom, Stag Lane as far as Chorleywood Primary School, Bullsland Lane and Old Shire Lane.  

CRA worked extremely hard to understand the implications of the proposals and inform Chorleywood residents of the impact of the original proposal.  The scheme would have meant over 40 change of limit signs dotted all around Chorleywood, and research shows that such schemes have little effect on straightforward local roads.  We agree a focussed scheme on the known trouble spots, especially Chorleywood Bottom and Stag Lane, will be much more effective, while also hopefully faster to implement and at lower cost. 

We’re very pleased that local residents had full information from us on which to make their choice.  The decision to make Stag Lane 20mph will also make it easier for Hertfordshire County Council to introduce a much-needed zebra crossing outside Chorleywood Primary School, for which we had already urgently pressed the case.

We hope the new speed limits and zebra crossing will be implemented very soon – we will update you through our newsletter as soon as we hear more!