We were contacted recently by an ex-resident who had come across a copy of The Chorleywood Newsletter from Spring 1984 which they kindly posted to us. It is a fascinating read, with many topics that will be familiar and still very relevant. It is a reminder that CRA has been serving the Chorleywood community for over 50 years, having been formed in 1968.

This printed copy has been digitised and you can enjoy reading it by clicking on this link. (You will find this best on a tablet or computer screen).

This got us to thinking that it would be great if we were able to read other early issues of the magazine? They would form a fascinating historical reference and no doubt would continue to demonstrate many recurring themes.

So if you are in possession of printed copies of The Chorleywood Newsletter, or other titles that it might have had over the years, please let us know by emailing mike@chorleywoodresidents.co.uk. In your email if you could provide details including the issue number (date), condition etc. that would be really helpful, and I will try to respond to all emails received.

Hopefully it will be possible to digitise and share many more of these, creating an archive library. I will provide an update in the next newsletter. In the meantime, please let us know if this is of interest to you by clicking one of the following links

Thanks for your support.


Contents of Chorleywood News Spring 1984
Chorleywood News Spring 1984 page 1