Last month we reported our alarm that some TRDC Councillors and Officers were dismissive of the Chorleywood Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) in an August Planning Committee meeting.  We’re pleased to tell you that TRDC’s CEO agrees that our NDP has statutory backing, and must be properly considered as part of the Committee’s decision-making process.  The actions we requested to prevent a re-occurrence will be implemented, including:

  • Reminding Officers that our NDP must be appropriately considered and referenced in reports to the Committee.
  • The annual training programme for Planning Committee members will cover statutory considerations, including the NDP, in future training and discussion sessions.

We have put on record some specific points about our NDP’s policies, and the conduct of future Planning Committee meetings.  We hope and trust that there will be no repetition of the problem in future.  We will actively monitor the situation to ensure that the council do treat the NDP with the seriousness it deserves!