We’ve learned some new jargon lately – thanks to the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan consultation.  If you missed our special newsletter on it last Monday click here for a copy. 

The CRA will submit a detailed response.  Click here to see our comments on the proposed cycle routes, and here to see our comments on the consultation process, about which we’ve raised a formal complaint.  

The consultation was a best-kept secret when it opened on May 22nd, so please pass the news on to all your friends and neighbours.  The deadline is July 17th, make sure your views are counted! 
To see the proposed routes for yourself, Peter Fleming has videoed them on his bike: 
– Shepherds Lane, https://youtu.be/_5S497VtcFs
– Shepherd’s Bridge, https://youtu.be/7qV6UiuQdUo
– Chorleywood Common https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrI0tsjR3xo