The Council’s assessment of the Green Street applications is still ongoing. Any decision on these applications will have to be made by the full Planning Committee. It now seems that the earliest date that the applications will be considered is at the April meeting due to the complexity of the issues involved and amount of work involved in preparing the full report for the Committee to consider.
Generally, we think these delays are probably going to weigh against approval as the Government view on development is moving increasingly to the need to protect Green Belt. Michael Gove has intimated that the government is likely to specify that a shortfall on housing need will cease to be considered a valid reason to allow development in the Green Belt. The Government is currently consulting on this and other changes to planning policy which we are currently working through to provide a response.
Once we have any firm information as to when the application will be considered at the TRDC Planning Committee and the outcome of these considerations we will, of course, update residents.