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With, at one point, five sad looking, empty shops in the village, and then various closure rumours, it’s reminded us once again how vital a vibrant high street is for Chorleywood and wherever possible we should use it, or risk losing it.  Our motto that “Chorleywood is as good or as we make it…or as bad as we let it become,” applies to our high street as much as anything in the village.  So let’s engage with our shop keepers, old and new alike, and if there’s something we’d like stocked or think would work better, let’s suggest it? Let’s work with them to get the businesses that we want, that way we all win!

Jubilee Street Party Vouchers

As many of you may know, the Co-op are running a voucher scheme to help the community host Jubilee Street Parties.  Adrian from our local Co-op appreciates that the online application system is rather daunting, so has asked people to pop in and talk to him and he’ll help however he can.

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Fuel Merchants back in Chorleywood?

Fuel Merchants back in Chorleywood?

Longstanding, eagle eyed residents may well have spotted the old F.W. & H. Miles Fuel Merchants sign behind the old Peppermill fascia, undoubtedly evoking a little nostalgia. It was a tiny office with some sacks of coal in the window, where you could go and order...

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